Geometry of Consciousness

Geometry of Consciousness


From Synergetics : Geometry of Thinking


0.1 “Synergetics is the geometry of thinking. How we think is epistemology, and epistemology is modelable; which is to say that knowledge organizes itself geometrically…” (I, 905.01)

0.2 “Any conceptual thought is a system and is structured tetrahedrally. This is because all conceptuality is polyhedral.” (I, 501.101) “By tetrahedron, we mean the minimum thinkable set that would subdivide Universe and have interconnectedness where it comes back upon itself.” (I, 620.03)

0.3 “All systems are polyhedra: All polyhedra are systems.” (II, 400.56)


Key People:

  • Ralph Abraham
  • BuckMinster Fuller
  • Stafford Beer
  • Arthur M. Young
  • Anthony Judge
  • Hermann Haken



Key Sources of Research:


Dynamics: Geometry of Behavior

Ralph Abraham

Click to access ms22.pdf

Click to access ms149.pdf

Click to access ms148.pdf

Click to access ms147.pdf

Click to access ms146.pdf

Click to access ms145.pdf

Click to access ms144.pdf

Click to access ms143.pdf

Click to access ms140.pdf

Click to access ms139.pdf

Click to access ms137.pdf

Click to access ms134.pdf

Click to access ms134b.pdf

Click to access rmic-pub.pdf

Click to access rmkplusfigs.pdf


Synergetics : Geometry of Thinking

BuckMinster Fuller

Click to access folding.great.circles.2008.pdf


Anthony Judge


Team Syntegrity

Stafford Beer

Click to access TSI-Artikel.pdf

Click to access Stafford_Beer_-_Origins_Team_Syntegrity.pdf




Click to access Kroeger.pdf


Geometry of Meaning

Arthur Young


The Reflexive Universe: Evolution of Consciousness

Young, Arthur M.



Consciousness: The Last Frontier of Geometry

Catherine A. Gorini


Click to access gorini_frontier91594.pdf


Mereon Matrix

Click to access 756449251.pdf

Click to access Quaternions-Phoenix-Bird-presentation-v14.pdf

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