Concentration, Investment, and Growth

Concentration, Investment, and Growth


Recent Economic Policy Symposium at Jackson Hole Wyoming (August 23-25) where economists, central bankers, policy makers gather together annually discussed issues of Rising Market Concentration, Declining Business Investments, and Declining Economic Dynamism.

2018 Economic Policy Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming



Richmond Federal Reserve Bank published an article on Market Concentration.

Are Markets Too Concentrated?

Industries are increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer firms. But is that a bad thing?


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Washington Post published a story on market concentration in US companies.

Are U.S. Companies Too Big and Powerful? The Fed Wants to Know




OECD held a joint conference with the World Bank and the IMF on Product Market Concentration, Inclusive Growth, and Regulation at OECD HQ, Paris, France. 11 June, 2018.



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