Profiles in Operations Research

Profiles in Operations Research


There are several sources for profiles of luminaries of OR field.

  • Book – Profiles in Operations Research
  • INFORMS – History website
  • UK OR society


From Profiles in Operations Research


From IFORS Hall of Fame




Key Sources of Research:

Profiles in Operations Research

Pioneers and Innovators

Editors: Assad, Arjang A., Gass, Saul I. (Eds.)


Profiles in Operations Research:Jay Wright Forrester

David C. Lane

John D. Sterman

Click to access jwf-profile-in-op.pdf



Profiles in Operations Research

John D. C. Little Profile

By Glen Urban and John Hauser

Click to access little.pdf



George B. Dantzig

John D. C. Little



Anthony Stafford Beer


Russell L. Ackoff

Abraham Charnes

William W. Cooper

C. West Churchman

Leonid V. Kantorovich

Tjalling C. Koopmans

Harry Markowitz

Oskar Morgenstern

Philip M. Morse


John F. Nash, Jr.


Herbert A. Simon

John von Neumann



History of OR Excellence





IFORS Hall of Fame

Operations Research: Opportunities and Challenges

Click to access u_pitt_2014_OR.pdf

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