The Decline in Long Term Real Interest Rates

The Decline in Long Term Real Interest Rates


Causes of Decline in Long term Real Interest Rates

  • Secular Stagnation – lack of aggregate demand
  • Debt Overhang
  • Shortage of Safe assets
  • Supply side issues
  • Income Inequality
  • Deleveraging
  • Low productivity growth
  • Demographics
  • Demassification of economy
  • Increased Savings
  • Decreased Investments
  • Low foreign economic Growth
  • Liquidity Trap
  • Global Savings Glut


From Are Low Rates Natural?

Causes: Propensity to invest

Lower propensity to invest (Gordon, Summers)

  • Demographics
  • Slower TFP growth
  • Shift in capital intensity of production
  • Falling relative price of capital goods
  • Post-crisis effects

Causes: Propensity to save

Higher propensity to save (Bernanke)

  • Demography
  • High savings in China
  • Chinese financial integration
  • Income inequality
  • Post-crisis effects

Causes: Asset demands/supplies

Higher demand for safe assets

  • Emerging-economy reserve accumulation
  • Heightened “disaster” risk (Barro)
  • Tightening of bank liquidity regulation
  • Central bank asset purchases (QE)

Lower supply of safe assets (Caballero-Farhi)

  • Crisis revealed many AAA-rated ABS not safe
  • Euro-area debt crisis revealed some advanced- economy sovereign debt not safe
  • …But lot of issuance by “safe” sovereigns too!


Key Terms:

  • Nominal Rates vs Real Rates ( Inflation adjusted)
  • Short term rates vs Long Term Rates
  • Yield Curve or Term Structure
  • Neutral Interest Rate vs Natural Interest Rate vs Equilibrium Interest Rate
  • Fed Funds Rate vs Policy Rate vs Target Rate
  • T-Bills, T-Notes, T-Bonds
  • TIPS ( Treasury Inflation protected Securities )
  • Overnight Bank Funding Rate


From  Real Interest Rates Over the Long Run


Real interest rates since the 1960s have been characterized by three broad long-run trends: (1) rates have declined across numerous countries since the 1980s, (2) long-run average real interest rates are near their low for the 60-year period we examine and (3) over the past quarter century, long-run interest rates have converged internationally, consistent with an increasingly financially integrated world.

These findings have four implications.

• First, real interest rates were declining long before the global financial crisis of 2007- 09 and its aftereffects and well before the fizzling of the IT boom.

• Second, the likelihood of nominal interest rates hitting the zero lower bound has increased compared with the likelihood prior to the Great Recession.

• Third, increasing financial integration may lead to even closer international rate convergence.

• Fourth, there was a sustained increasing trend in long-run real interest rates prior to the 1980s, which suggests that the current downward trend could also reverse.

Finally, since the 1980s, the trend in global fixed investment is downward. Coupled with our main finding of the declining long-run real interest rates, this suggests that forces leading to lower investment demand have been relatively more important than those leading to increased desired saving. Put differently, while our evidence is not inconsistent with the global saving glut hypothesis, it indicates that in addition to a saving glut, there must have been forces that reduced global investment demand, and these forces must have been more important.


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